Removing orphan VMM Server from SCVMM.

During migration and upgrade process of our SCVMM server from 2012R2 to 2016 version we ended up with having our old and decommissioned VMM server.

We wanted to upgrade Servers to Windows server 2016 and to SQL 2016 version.
As part of this migration and upgrade, we ended up migrating and restoring our VMM DB to new server, and deploying new VMM.

As result we had fully functional SCVMM 2016 server.  One thing was bugging me is that there was information in SCVMM that we have two SCVMM servers as part of infrastructure. One SCVMM server was running and responding state and second was unresponsive with no option to remove it using SCVMM console.

Fabric>Infrastructure>VMM Server.VMM Server


In order to remove Orphan VMM server from Console, you need to dig in SQL DB.

First of all, create backup of your VMM DB.

To get your list of VMM servers do SQL Query

SELECT * FROM [VMM_DB].[dbo].[tbl_VMM_Server]

With this query, you will get ServerID and ComputerName Field.

When you have ServerID that corresponds to orphan VMM, you will use next query that will remove it from DB.
Plase note that you need to replace ServerID with Oprhan ServerID you get from previous query.

EXEC prc_VMM_RemoveVmmServerById 'ServerID'

With this query you will remove associated orphan VMM from your VMM infrastructure.

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