iSCSI discovery via SendTargets failed – Event ID 113

Issue and Logs

After checking through logs, I noticed that in 30 minutes interval we get bunch of Event ID 113 that source is MSiSCSI.



iSCSI discovery via SendTargets failed with error code 0xefff0024 to target portal * 0003260 B06BDRV\L4SC&PCI_163A14E4&SUBSYS_045F1028&REV_20\5&6a108d3&0&30050200_0 .

Since, this host is part of Failover cluster, I was worried if we have some issues.
Based on Microsoft KB article it indicates the network issue.

Later on, since network is operational, and there was no iSCSI errors and IO issues, in further investigation i have noticed that this 30 minutes interval was actually refresh cluster interval initiated by System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

So, if I manually initiate host or cluster refresh from SCVMM console, we get those warnings.

On the end, the problem was with iSCSI discovery portal.

If you have setup your iSCSI discovery portal as shown bellow, you most likely will have warnings like shown above.
So the issue comes up if you have other network adapters that are not used for iSCSI traffic (most likely you have) and Discovery of portal is trying to discover portal from any adapter or any IP on adapter. (See in picture below the IP address is Default)

(Wrong setup of iSCSI discovery portal)


To solve this, first remove wrong discovery portal.

Next step is to add iSCSI Portal properly configured:

Open Iscsi Initiator Properties-> Discovery Tab -> Discovery Portal

Discovery portal.jpg

On next screen, populate IP address or DNS name of portal and click Advanced


Next screen is Advanced Settings of iSCSI Target Portal.
Choose as :
Local Adapter : Microsoft iSCSI Initiator (if you use MS iSCSI Initiator)
Initiator IP: choose IP address that is used for ISCSI traffic.

iscsi portal correct.jpg

(Please note: If you have dual adapters for iSCSI as part of HA and FT design add iSCSI portal from both IP addresses.)

iSCSI portal- overview.jpg
The Correct configuration of iSCSI portal

So after adding the portal, it would be good to reboot your server. So you can check if everything is in order and to check if will automatically connect to iSCSI targets.

With this configuration there are no more iSCSI warnings coming up. SCVMM refreshes the servers, and no more Event 113 warning showing up.

Hope it will help someone.


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